Temporary closed: Overhaul is in progress

We decided to overhaul the sensitive contents in the game.

This was not an easy decision and lots of resources will be changed or thrown away...

but we really hope no one feels uncomfortable by the expressions in the game.

Thank you for your visit and interest, we will be right back!

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i would pay for this version to be added back. just like those people who support this game FROM THE START because they like this content so they won't feel betrayed.


ngl this change was unnecessary. we already got a lot of taboo things, whats wrong with another one, not to mention she doesnt look like a kid in the first place. please make an option or release it on nonrestrictive platform like DLsite 


You guys are actually fucking pedophiles if you're upset over her not looking like a busty kid. You're getting turned on by a person that looks like a little kid with massive tits, you guys are fucked up.


You're mentally ill if you think pixels are equivalent to real life kids.


This is the closest you can get to actual child porn, but you can’t look at actual cp without being put on a watchlist, so you want the older version because you think children are attractive, and you’re a disgusting pedophile, and everyone else in these comments are one too.


You need to seek professional help if you look at a fictional anime character and the first thing that comes to your mind is real life children. You're absolutely disgusting in the head and it says a lot more about you than anyone else.


“Seek professional help” for thinking drawing busty children is weird? You’re the fucking disgusting one.


You think that, no one else thinks that.

So, yeah, you're gross if you think an anime character looks like a "real life busty children" to you.

Get your brain checked, you closet-pedo.

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While you're missing your target a little, I will nevertheless agree with you 100%.

This is a hentai game that involves shotacon and incest. You literally play as a young looking boy who fucks both adults and his own siblings; who all look identically and anatomically distasteful (but the one in the example is the worst). There's no excuse for it, period. Art style and design can't cover it up.

Anyone who thinks these concepts should be permitted in games is a degenerate piece of shit and or a pedo, straight up.


Yeah, you're surely correct even though these things already exist and is a norm in Japan.

Anyone who also thinks concepts like "killing" should be permitted in games is a degenerate piece of shit and or a psychopath straight up soon to become a murderer IRL.


damn you just save a big titted pixel kid, congratulations. what a hero and useless person you are


Also, i think the teddy bear was cute, woulda been cool if they kept it. (i still prefer the adult look over.. the child. im not a pedo like some of the people below)


Funny how you people take an issue with the "loli" yet the MC who also looks like a "kid" is completely fine by you. The double standards with you "internet-pedo-police" is hilariously disgusting.

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Oh no, don't get me wrong, i hate that part too. theres a reason i moved on to better games


You clearly don't based on the fact that you people never take an issue with it.

So, great hypocritical double standards, pal.


now you are just making assumptions. at least i dont like children, digital or not.

and tf you mean "you people?"  like i moved away cuz pedo game, cuz even with the changes the main character still looks underage so pedo game.


What assumptions?

People like you said nothing about the game until there was this censorship post.

It's clear you only care about fictional "kids" when they're a girl but not a boy. And forget about real life children which actually matters, those are non existent to people like you.


Plus, never once did i say that i was "Fine" or "liked" the main character, They are simply less prominent so it didn't cross my mind especially like almost a few years later after not touching the game for so long. Like for fucks sake, you cant just turn the tables by simply saying "Pedo durr double standards durr" we get it, you like children, go to therapy you disgusting excuse for a "Human" 

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Yeah, yeah, sure, keep making more excuses to justify your disgusting hypocritical double standards.

"less prominent" my ass because SJWs like you always come out of your little bubble whenever it's about a "loli" character and never, not even once have I seen you start a complaint when it's about a "shota" character.

No one here likes children other than people like you who are so obsessed by kids that you see a "kid" in everything. So, you're ironically projecting yourself here you "closet-pedo". The only excuse for a "human" is people like you who gives jack all about real world issues and just wants to act like you're morally high by attacking pixels.


Can you fuck off? You're just making shit up to boost your own ego.

I dont like loli, and i point out that it's kinda fucked up to draw kids in a porn state. End of story stfu stop making me check my notifications and come back to this dead forum on a pedo game.


Also, the problem is with them being mentally a child, as in they not only look similar to a child, it's that they ACT like one.

Take your own advice because pixels aren't "children" and never will be.

Ironically, you do like loli because SJWs like you always seem to be complaining on every loli games meanwhile never in a shota games proving the hypocritical double standards with "closet-pedo" like you.


Hey cool, they no longer look like busty children, das good!


Man the number of p*does in these comments is disturbing. Get your life sorted out guys, Christ.


at least keep the bear pls ;-; 


I feel VERY UNCOMFORTABLE about this. Raury and the little girl from the store were my favourite characters. Is there a way to keep their previous designs for those who like them? There are currently no "interesting characters to satisfy fetishes" in this game.


This summarizes what's going on with you, please take this as a warning from someone who likes your work

I understand your choice, but be careful or your audience may feel betrayed


I feel so bad for the people that's been constantly giving money on patreon just to see that the things they might have been excited about gets removed and their money was wasted.

Horrible fucking decision. Make an option/patch to restore it!


Just make it an Option then...


What a trash decision, this is nothing more than censorship, and doing that is ruining the game, because you are screwing your own creative ideas only because of the snowflakes and moralists. 

You should learn about Summer Memories, that game has a shota protagonist, they removed that content on steam, but they release an external patch to solve that, i hope you do the same, otherwise i'm pretty sure that i'm not going to be the only person to pass and not buy this censored game.


Censorship? This is just making it look less like a child, you fucking pedophile.


You're the pedo here if you look at pixels and the first thing that comes to your mind is real life children.


I’M the pedo? For complaining that there isn’t a fuckable kid in the game? She’s drawn like a fucking kid, how does that make me a pedophile for pointing it out?


You think that, no one else thinks that.

So, yeah, you're gross if you think an anime character looks like a "fuckable kid" to you.

Get your brain checked, you closet-pedo.


No, everyone that isn't mentally ill thinks that. 

Please seek professional help, and therapy on your mental illness (The attracted to children part) So you can become a normal human being again!


Devastating news this is...

Even if it was only an option it would still be very welcome, kind of like a legacy mode.

I'm relieved I still have the old version downloaded so I can still play from time to time.


Good Call!




A welcomed change, maybe im in the minority but the idea of fucking kids isnt something i take pleasure in...


Completely ruined, i hope you guys release an external patch or an alternative solution in order to restore the content, because this ruins the entire point of the game ( the variaty of girls and fetishes)


"Completely ruined" Go outside


that sucks

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